Revelation Theory of Learning(RTL)

Revelation Theory of Learning

Professor John Connor’s RTL is a great tool to use in the classroom. Keeping a student’s attention in the classroom is essential in helping all students learn. Using the RTL you are able to keep the entire classroom’s attention by integrating all factors of learning that almost every student can learn from. Not all students learn in the same way; however by applying the RTL most likely you will be able meet all students one way or another.  

According to Professor John Connor “The R signifies Repetition (optimized). The E & V signify Effective Visuals. The E & L signifiy Effective Language (not sophisticated!). The A signifies Association (this is profound). The T and I combine for Technology that is Interactive (remember Arnold's body system activity; that would be an excellent example; Did you enjoy learning that way?). The O is not 1/2 of 8, it signifies Observation (of learners). The N stands for Non-biased presentation of objectives...”

All teachers should try it, you might see that it works!